5 Things.

    February 23, 2018
    new york writing creativestay spring nyc 5 things

    A few beautiful meringues Alex surprised me with on Valentine’s day.

    1. Savoring New York’s slow transition into spring. Seeing the sun linger in the sky a little longer each day, and basking in it.

    2. Taking in the Manhattan skyline after work while crossing the East River. Loving how many of the buildings I can name.

    3. Stocking up on all kinds of baking ingredients– different sugars, chocolate chips, flour. Feeling grateful for the rolling pin Dianne gifted me, so I can actually make some of the recipes I’m collecting.

    4. Buying fruit every time I stop by the store. Enjoying everything in season (those honey crisp apples!) until it’s warm enough to start making smoothie bowls again.

    5. Spending more time with new and old friends around the city, and making the most of this beautiful time and place.



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