5 Things.

August 28, 2015

oakland art temescal alley creativestay journaling lists1. Walking around Temescal Alley with my love. Poking our heads into the barber shop, the plant shop, and the shop full of art and gems. Being swept into an unexpected adventure along the way.

2. Having a really tough week at the office. Coming out the other end of it alive. Realizing how great my partner is, and just how many people are there to listen. Reminding myself that the point here is to learn.

3. Visiting the cutest little dude in the world (and his rockstar parents). Watching him figure new things out every minute. Relishing the giggles bookended by his dimples.

4. Reading on the train every day, on my way to work and on my way home. Smiling. Wondering what book I should pick up next.

5. Planning the kind of weekend where I’ll get to spend time with two of my oldest friends, time with myself, and spend a Sunday afternoon with my dad. Being impatient for the weekend to start.

I truly hope you all take the time to rest this weekend, and take stock of what lets you exhale.



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