Finding Peace with DIY Gratitude Postcards

November 11, 2016

America is going through a tough time right now, and it has affected everyone I know and care about. It has affected me, too, but I’m still processing and know that it’s going to take more than just a few days to accept what may happen here. I’m doing my best to remind myself that America is ultimately good (not to be confused with great), and countless people filling this place are so full of love and empathy and are struggling in the same way I am right now.

So I’ve been working to be kinder to those around me– on the street, at work, at home– because being generous in this way can play a huge role in keeping this country good (if everyone chips in). This still left room to show some love to those who live farther away. So I sat at my desk the other night and crafted some DIY postcards to shower some folks with gratitude.

crafting gratitude thanksgiving card diy

All of these cards started with an Artifact Uprising print, and are all photos I’ve taken that mean something to me.

crafting gratitude thanksgiving card diy

Alphabet stickers and decals are from A Beautiful Mess, and majority of the washi tape here is mt tape.

crafting gratitude thanksgiving card diy

These prints make the easiest postcards– They’re a thicker paper so they stand on their own (although I can’t vouch for larger decals making it through the postal system). I’ll be scrawling some messages on the back, throwing a stamp on, and hoping to make a few days brighter.

crafting gratitude thanksgiving card diy

crafting gratitude thanksgiving card diy

So there you have it. Coping with craft has always been my style. What are you doing to work through this news and/or show gratitude this month?



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