DIY Mason Jar Gift Ideas: Good Vibes Jar

October 1, 2015

A dear friend of mine celebrated her birthday last week, and I needed to pull something together, fast. I struggled for a couple of days before inspiration hit: a good vibes jar!

This gift is a great last minute DIY that friends and family will love. I had all supplies on hand, but the beauty of this DIY is its flexibility. Any type of jar, knickknacks, and assorted papers/words will only make it more unique to you and to your recipient. I figured I’d share with you today, because really, can you ever have enough DIY mason jar ideas? Probably not.

DIY mason gift ideas thoughtful creativestayI got the jar from Amazon, and most of the paper goods from my messy box subscription.Β The pom poms were actually from another dear friend, but passing on the love like that made me happy.

DIY mason jar gift ideas thoughtful creativestayChecking that everything fits in your jar of choice is an important step. The cards I had selected were a little wider than the mouth of my jar, so I hadΒ to figure out how I wanted to arrange everything and decide if cutting anything down would be necessary. I’m happy to say that it all fit in the end. πŸ™‚

mason jar DIY thoughtful gift idea creativestayI love decorating a good jar. All this took was some metallic tissue paper to wrap around the top lid, and some mt tape + metallic sharpie for the label. Easy peasy.

mason jar DIY thoughtful gift idea creativestayI included six cards for six years of a great friendship, along with the age she’s turning. With this jar, I really just wanted to create a surefire resource that would always make her smile, good day or bad. Sometimes, people just need to be reminded that you love them (and feelΒ lucky to have them around). Needless to say, she loved it! Yay!

Thanks for following along– I hope this inspires you to DIY your next gift. Have an amazing day!




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