Inspired illustration: Dallas Clayton

May 2, 2015

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illustration, dallas clayton


illustration, dallas clayton

Something I’ve learned in my more recent years of writing (and really, in life) is that the perspective of a child offers a level of honesty and clarity that you don’t get from anyone else. In life, I yearn for it. In writing, I have discovered it as an incredible tool for character and story development. I am constantly searching for voices that inspire me in the same sort of way, and the day I found Dallas Clayton was a good one. This AmericanΒ author and illustrator spreads his message of positivity and imagination wherever he goes, tacking ply board with clever and uplifting messages onto telephone poles (among other rad things). With each illustration, he furthers his mission to spread optimism and creativity. Basically, I like this dude and what he brings out in the world. Check out his instagram for some daily inspiration, and his official site over here.



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