Use Instagram Prints for a Thoughtful DIY Gift.

August 6, 2015

Over the past couple weeks I’ve been sharing peeks of my latest & greatest gift, for a woman I greatly admire. When I was brainstorming on what to send, I knew I wanted it to be driven by pictures – specifically, Instagram prints. They’re the photos I take with every day with care, and I knew they’d express my life on the West Coast with the most ease. It was also important that it be a long, sentimental letter, because that was the point of the whole thing. Now that I know it’s safe in her hands, I thought I might share it with you all, in case you’re looking for a thoughtful DIY to make/give. creativestay diy crafting artifact uprising instagram printsI’ve been calling this gift an “unbound photo book” – not the fanciest name, but I think it conveys the experience well. I wanted the bundle to read like a really long letter with some interactive bits, full of pictures and color and memories.

creativestay diy crafting artifact uprising instagram printsI’ve got to start everything with a disclaimer. Some say it’s a flaw, I say it’s all me 🙂

creativestay diy crafting artifact uprising instagram printsI selected a variety of shots taken over the course of the past year. Many featuring her son (my love), along with some of the adventures we’ve gone on. My goal was to take her along for the ride. All photos here were printed via Artifact Uprising. They do they best job, and I’m in love with the quality of paper.

creativestay diy crafting artifact uprising instagram printsI wrote a short paragraph on the back of each print. I know it seems scary to write so much, but once you get into the sentimental zone, I swear it’s the easiest thing. I told a friend of mine about this gift, and she got excited and decided to make something similar for her mother in law. She can vouch for how easily the words flow once you sit down, pen in hand.

creativestay diy crafting artifact uprising instagram printsHere’s a spread of the full bundle. I included moments from the everyday, my birthday, family time, and a fun story of how we met. If you’re looking for a way to use Instagram prints to surprise and delight, this is a surefire winner. You know you did a good job (or sent it to the right person) when their response makes your day.



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