Monday: Thoughts on Greatness

April 13, 2015
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For me, the week begins with Monday. And on most Mondays, I like to reflect on how things are going: my budget, work, endless to-do lists, health, and how I want to change things from the week prior. This Monday, however, things are a little different because my birthday is at the end of the week.
I was raised with the understanding that one’s purpose in life is to reach their fullest potential. So pretty much everything I’ve ever participated in or pursued has followed that line of thinking. In school, I applied it to every paper and story I wrote; it always needed to be my best sample of writing. And now that I’ve graduated college and rented a room in the real world, I’ve been scrambling to figure out how to make the most of my days without losing sight of the big picture.
For me, my birthday is what New Years is to most people: a time for reflection and for changing things that aren’t working. If my purpose in life is to reach my fullest self, then each birthday feels like a bookmark. A time to check in and re-evaluate. Everything, every second of my time alive feels so precious, and to be honest I’m terrified of wasting it. So this week, while I’m thinking about all this big picture stuff, I invite you to do the same. You may not be turning another year older, but I think it’s always a good idea to take stock of what you do and don’t like about your life, and to always strive toward your greatest self.
Think about it this way: you deserve to be the most creative, engaged, happy version of yourself. Why not take the time to see what gets you there?

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