Refreshing Your Home for the New Year

January 28, 2017

With every new year that passes, I like to take a moment to evaluate my home. Take stock of what I still love, what I’ve grown out of, and which messy corners I’ve given a blind eye. I’ve only been living in my Brooklyn apartment for about four months, so I’m still looking for ways to “finish” the space. I’ve gathered some simple and stunning products that can help with refreshing the home for 2017.

Refreshing Your Home for the New Year

1. Fresh Frames: Artifact Uprising: Print + Wood Cleat

artifact uprising wood cleat photo home refresh new year

Artifact Uprising’s print + wood cleat caught my eye a while ago– I love how you can swap out different prints without damaging the photo (it’s magnetic) and that it’s so much less fussy than a frame.

2. Wall Hangings: The Wild Standard

The wild standard handmade flags creastivestay handmade refreshing your home new year

This handmade flag shop is the bee’s knees. (See what I did there?) All their flags are limited edition, made from natural cotton, and do a great job of filling an empty wall without visually cluttering the room.

3. New Art: Max Wanger Print Shop

max wanger print shop van home refresh new year max wanger print shop cactus home refresh new year

Max Wanger’s photography always brightens my day, and his prints are a great way to refresh a space. His light and airy photography helps open up and lengthen a room. If you’re looking for some refreshing art, check out his print shop.

4. Ceramics: The Object Enthusiast

the object enthusiast creativestay home refreshing your home new year

I’ve admired the object enthusiast for some time now, and have also always loved the impact of small, beautiful dishes and vases scattered throughout a home. There’s nothing like a little gold detail to brighten up a space. See this vasering dish and dash tray for a few things that have very much caught my eye.

5. Flowers: Farmgirl Flowers

An obvious element to livening up a space is something living! Go to your nearest plant shop and pick up something leafy. I have never regretted buying a plant, and I don’t even have a knack for keeping them alive! Another option is, of course, flowers. Farmgirl flowers is my all-time favorite flower delivery service, and they’ve never disappointed. If you’re looking to brighten your (or someone else’s) space, give them a shout. They ship nationwide.

6. New Candle: Paddywax Urban Collection

home refresh winter blanket

There’s nothing like a good candle. And by good, I mean smells and looks good. I received one of these Paddywax candles as a gift and have been obsessed with them ever since. They come in different scents, sizes, and have a second life as any type of container once the candle burns out. My current candle will either be reborn as a small planter or a piece of kitchen storage… only time will tell.

7. Mood Lighting: Twinkle Lights

creativestay home refresh new year

These small copper twinkle lights have changed my life. I have 2 of them draped around my apartment, and they add the subtlest touch of mood lighting to the space. I’m always wondering if I can tastefully add another one in somewhere. The best part is that they’re super affordable too!

8. Cozy Blankets: Bloisem

creativestay home refresh new year

There’s nothing like a fresh and insanely cozy blanket to make you want to spend time on the couch. I’ve always had a penchant for super chunky wool blankets, and have been searching Etsy for affordable options. This shop has some wonderful ones made out of merino wool!

Winter can be tough, but making the house cozy definitely helps! How are you tackling the winter blues?



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