Renegade Craft Fair: Saturday

July 22, 2015

The Renegade Craft Fair came into the city this week. It’s always a fun affair: the opportunity to discover new makers and meet old favorites, usually on a beautiful, sunny San Francisco day. Every year, I make the trek up to Fort Mason with an old college friend, Cayla, and it’s become a bit of a tradition. The day flew by (and required a lot of watermelon agua fresca!) but I managed to snap a few photos to share with y’all.renegade craft fair fort mason san francisco creativestayIt was a madhouse. Soo many people. If you want to know the truth, Cayla and I had actually first entered the auxiliary warehouse– RCF expanded to a second building this year, and we didn’t even realize it until one of her maker friends filled us in. Oops!

renegade craft fair fort mason san francisco creativestayI was a little giddy to see Ferme à Papier at the fair. Cat Seto was lovely, and her illustrations + lettering unstoppable. I picked up some old favorites and new loves. If you don’t speak French (or even if you do) how cute is Farm to Paper as a name?! I’ll stop now, but just sayin’.

renegade craft fair fort mason san francisco creativestayrenegade craft fair fort mason san francisco creativestayCayla, posing with the beloved llama print she spotted at Cactus Club. The Ghostly Garden print was another top contender.

renegade craft fair fort mason san francisco creativestaySome postcards I found. Already thinking of ways to repurpose them. How cute would these look framed? Or maybe I’ll add them to my Japanese rice paper mood board. (Will share that here soon!)

renegade craft fair fort mason san francisco creativestayCayla and I walking around the Marina after the fair, on our way to grab some dinner. I love this girl.

All in all, I’d say RCF 2015 was a success. It was the perfect July day, filled with makers and art and friends and watermelon. Solid Saturday, indeed. Check out if RCF is coming your way here. And if you’re looking for new makers to follow, I’d check out their instagram too.



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