Take me to: Joshua Tree

April 9, 2015

joshua tree, desert, california, creativestay

I’ve been dreaming about the desert for months now, and finally booked a trip to palm springs just last week. The hot sun, the baking ground, the trees and mountains and valleys that make up the landscape–few things make me feel more connected to this Earth. But since I’m only going for a weekend in June, I figured I’d forgo Joshua Tree. Not enough time, I should enjoy the place I’m going to, etc. This week, Victoria Smith (sfgirlbybay) talked about that magical spot, and I realized I had it all wrong. I had forgotten the whole point of me going to this place. I want to see the desert. Victoria shared some photos from beloved photographer Anna Zajac, and I thought you might like to see them too:

joshua tree, desert, california, creativestayjoshua tree, desert, california, creativestay

Hope you’re inspired to go somewhere new, too.



all by anna zajac

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