Taking Stock: Living in New York After 6 Months

March 21, 2017

I looked at a calendar the other day and realized I’ve been living in New York for over 6 months. Pretty hard to believe! But, having made it this far, I figured it was a good time to take stock of what my time in NYC has been like, and how I fared in that transition.

new york city creativestay travel moving to nycThe First 3 Months

My first few months in New York didn’t feel very real– in one day, I moved to this city and started a new job.  It wasn’t until my third month here that I actually processed the fact that I lived here. I remember so vividly, walking down Wall St on my way to work and idly thinking that this was my commute. Feeling a fondness for it, like I had in Berkeley so many times. I stopped walking abruptly, and held onto that sensation which grounded me in this new place.

Finding an apartment and making it ours, taking on a new role at a much bigger agency, trying all the ramen spots to find something close to my fave in Oakland– really, just trying to find my groove and create a new routine. By the time the holidays rolled around, it all felt a lot more normal. And furnished. Ha!

new york city creativestay travel moving to nycThe Following 3 Months

After finally processing that this place was my home, I stopped focusing on creating a new normal. Now it was time to explore. I spent hours wandering Manhattan, going into small shops and down cobblestone streets. I tried new coffee shops in Brooklyn every weekend. We were in the dead of winter at this point, so I was bundled up through all of this. Experiencing the wintry season was a little bizarre, but exciting too.

6 months in, I felt twice as comfortable as I did in the beginning– thank goodness! Having settled in at this point, I decided to extend my reach a little further and apply to volunteer at one of my favorite organizations. More on that later.

new york city creativestay travel moving to nycnew york city creativestay travel moving to nycCurrently: Month 7

Currently, I’m gearing up for spring. The days are finally getting longer, and arriving home in time to see the sunset stream into my apartment has been making me really happy. I can’t wait to leave the house without a wool coat, and to be able to sit in the park on a Sunday afternoon. It’s so close I can taste it!

The slow onset of spring has also got me feeling very inspired, so you’ll be seeing a lot more of me here.

new york city creativestay travel moving to nycnew york city creativestay travel moving to nycThe long and short of it: I like this city a lot. And it’s still growing on me. Thanks for having me, NYC.



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