The Roommate Challenge

August 27, 2013

Today my roommates and I are all moving back in together, which is all kinds of exciting. But it got me thinking. About roommates, and how people mix. Some people are like a perfect cocktail, others more like oil and water. What does living with someone bring out in you? In your characters? For this prompt, write about two or three people living together for the first time. (Example: Let them be a mother whose kids moved out and it’s just her, a guy who only works the nightshift somewhere and no one can quite figure out where, maybe a girl who would live anywhere to avoid going back home.) Think of people who have lifestyle differences that can’t be resolved, at least until they figure each other out. Seeing someone’s home-life reveals a lot about them– but what if they’ve left “home” to live with a bunch of strangers?

Sorry this is such a crazy post/prompt, I’ve got a lot of ideas going on in my head. Hope you get something out of this.

Much love,


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