Minimizing the Pressure in Everyday Photography

April 6, 2016

california, esparto, photography, creativestayAs much as I love music, reading, and countless other creative endeavors, photography is currently my favorite. As go about my days, my eyes are peeled for special moments, lighting, or inspiration. And thanks to my iPhone (which, by the way, is my only camera) I’m able to capture countless moments without fumbling with equipment or wasting time. On certain occasions, I’ll share my favorite photos via Instagram, which after all this time I still have the biggest crush on. Sometimes though, I feel the social media pressure to only share moments that are “likable,” or “on brand.”

Despite knowing this about myself, I’ve spent the last week or so going through my archives and saving the photos that despite not being IG-friendly, are things I’m proud of, and that excite me from the perspective of a photographer, not a social media guru. And that can range from the softness of the lighting, to the composition, to the facial expression, to the sheer mood.

palm springs, spring, flowers, photography, creativestayNote that I’ve made an effort to care less about these things, and actually shared the above photo last week. So here are some thoughts I’ve had on photographing the “everyday” without pressure or judgement:

Find a way to celebrate the art you’re proud of, be it photographs or anything else. Print it, share it, use it. You made this. Be proud.

ocean, beach, point reyes, photography, creativestayTake a walk. Look around. Have your camera ready, and stop for the moments that catch your eye.

fashion, spring, photography, creativestayClick before you think. Capture every moment that happens during magic hour, connects to your mood, catches your eye, or is something you care to remember. I have never regretted a photo I’ve taken, and I can’t imagine you will either.

I think I’m going to start sharing outtakes, moments that make my heart swell, and whatever else I photograph and love here on CS. That’s what it’s for, after all. Here’s to us all taking time for whatever inspires us most.



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