Well, that’s cool: Friday roundup

April 10, 2015
Part of my day job is finding new incredible things out there, and finding ways to fuel the creativity of our own agency. Here are some things that rad people are making, and each one has me more inspired than the last. Click on photos for the full story!
The art direction and styling of these desk supplies created by Dowel Jones excites me a whole lot. Clean lines, bright colors, oh man I can hardly stand it. Also love the idea of desk products created with the designer in mind.
This artist created gardens out of plastic. I love the sustainable and aesthetic value of this project.
Researchers at Stanford discovered why exactly certain food drop colors are physically attracted to each other. Really got me thinking about why us, as individuals, are compulsed to put certain colors together. These things run deep. Crazy, isn’t it?
This intelligent flower room takes my breath away. The tons of flowers hanging from the ceiling can sense your presence, and move around you. Stunning beauty from Tokyo. Click on the photo to see the flowers in action.
I’m pretty excited about this one, because one of my oldest friends studies at this architecture studio. They wanted to create a space to explore, and placed their respective portfolios throughout. I asked what they did with all that packaging tape afterwards, and she said it’s still there (I like knowing it isn’t in the trash).
A friend of mine comes from an industrial design background, and recently taught me about haptics. How the texture and feel of a container makes all the difference, and changes our experience and perception of the product. I’ve seen pretty inventive examples for juice boxes, but I love how these are for all different types of foods. Not to mention the packaging is as natural and edible and the contents inside.
Hope y’all enjoy these creative works as much as I do!

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