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May 21, 2015

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This week, I’ve been basking in the glory that is friends +¬†family.

1. After flying to LA on a whim, deciding to go straight to the beach and take it all in. Running across the soft sand, sitting on the swings, watching lights in the water ebb and flow with the wavering tide.

2. Having my favorite person finally back in town. Despite working so hard to keep gratitude top of mind, I still manage to take just how wonderful some people are for granted. It’s good to be reminded.

3. Going to see some dear friends in the middle of San Francisco. Walking up and down surrounding hills, feeling the clouds against my cheeks. Cuddling with their dogs. Making dinner from their garden. One of the best Wednesdays I could ever imagine.

4. Picking up my cousin from the airport late last night. How despite the delays and baggage problems, she still conducts herself like a ray of light. Remembering how happy extended family makes me, and how a few days around holiday season just isn’t enough.

5. Using a lunch break to go to the flower market with a friend who wanted to buy armfuls of flowers to celebrate others. Deciding that peonies were my new favorite (you can tell when the way the petals unfold makes you want to cry).

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