5 Things.

June 21, 2015

oakland warriors creativestay

1. Running away on a Wednesday night to the beautiful, grand Claremont hotel. We sat at the bar, grabbed a drink, and spoke as if we had only just met. Dressed to the nines, sun setting behind us.

2. Spontaneously deciding to hang out with a group of new folks to celebrate something Oakland can really be proud of. Seeing all the blue and gold, the crowds, the giant silver balloons spelling out “thank you,” thank you warriors for bringing this home. Recognizing the humble gratitude that makes up a large part of this city’s attitude.

3. Hearing a friend tell me she wants to learn to be creative, to craft. Promptly bringing a big box of art supplies to her, and telling her to have some fun.

4. Making dinner at home with my roommate before deciding to order all the desserts from a tiny, local french restaurant. The chef’s laughter swirled with the scent of lavender, and a soft breeze came in straight from the bay.

5. Knowing that after I finish writing this post, I’m going to drive to my parent’s house and see some of my favorite people: my mother, my father, my sister. And a dearest friend to boot. Being able to do that, and being only an hour away. I am so, so lucky.



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