5 Things.

July 17, 2015
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1. Making plans to see my family in September. Taking my man so everyone can finally meet. Realizing how important to me both of those sentences are.
2. Getting swept away by books, and my love for them. Opening one up as I get on the train, never taking my eyes off the page until I reach my office doors. Being reminded how powerful imagination is, and how much it can do for your day.
3. Spontaneously renting a house surrounded by vineyards, smack dab in the middle of nowhere. Knowing that I’ll be there with my love, bottles of delicious wine, and glowing sunsets. Planning on remembering every moment.
4. Finding out that my oldest friend is moving across the country (again) in a mere four days. Feeling that unique combination of utter excitement and despair. Luckily, my excitement for her next adventure (and inevitable success) wins every time.
5. Working on something creative, something tangible, with no limitations. The best part? It’s for someone who isn’t expecting it. Going home every night, impatient to start making with paper and string. (hint: it’s pictured above!)



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