5 Things.

April 14, 2016
berkeley oxford place interiors creativestay inspiration1. Preparing to pack up and move out of The Oxford Place. Thinking back through all of the years, experiences, and growing I went through in this space. Having a lot of feelings I haven’t quite sorted out yet.

2. Craving nature. Going back to my home: the Santa Cruz Mountains. Purchasing tickets for the small train that runs through the deepest parts of the woods. Remembering my rides on that train at the age of eight, and eighteen. Relishing in the fact that the same Redwoods will be waiting for me.

3. Meditating during work. Learning that no matter crazy things are, it is always worth the twenty minutes it takes to slow down and focus on the positive.

4. Thinking about my upcoming birthday, and how its meaning has evolved so much over the years. Currently looking forward to time with family, and the folks I love the most.

6. Writing again. Not a lot, not anything literary or worth sharing, but writing again. Feeling really good about it.


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