Changing Seasons

April 21, 2015


When I think of changing seasons, summer – fall first comes to mind, then perhaps winter – spring. This is partially because I was born and raised in the lovely state of California, and to quote some of my friends from other places, “seasons aren’t a thing here.” But now, in late April, this nebulous time approaches where spring slowly but surely becomes summer. And in the Bay Area, that means the fog rolls in. As the weeks roll on by, the clouds drift to and fro from the city of San Francisco. And I’ll be honest, it’s got me thinking.

Ever since I started working this job, time has moved unbelievably fast. And with each month that passes, it only seems to move faster. Normally, when I start seeing hints of change in the weather, I lunge ahead, more than ready for the holidays or springtime, depending on when it is. Now though, with my new-ish lifestyle and a season that I love but know means gloomier days in the city, it has me thinking. What are some ways to slow down, take stock, and savor the sunny days? What does this mean for the way I’m living my life at large? For the first time, the changing season is reminding me to take things a little more slowly, and savor the last few weeks of spring while I have them. Keep an eye out for my springtime bucket list, coming this week. In the meantime, enjoy life!



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