Inspired illustration: Kelsey Oseid

May 5, 2015

illustration, kelsey oseid

illustration, kelsey oseid Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 3.54.09 PM Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 4.00.32 PM

It’s interesting, being someone who so identifies with the written word (in consumption and creation) but draws so much inspiration from illustrated work. Recently, I’ve decided to embrace it. I mean, why not? The fact that colors, lines, arrangements, patterns, emotion and humor can all come together in an illustration to create something powerful is something to celebrate. And truthfully, I find that the more diverse your sources of inspiration are, the more you discover and are able to articulate what matters to you, and what you want to make. Today, I want to call out the great talent of Kelsey Oseid. This lovely lady has been drawing beautiful patterns and designs, often inspired by nature, for years. She’s a freelance illustrator hailing from Minnesota, and her designs make me want to grab my own art supplies. Check out her rad instagram and site for more info & more folksy, whimsical patterns.

All images created by @kelzuki.


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