Inspired Illustration: Marc Johns

July 14, 2015

I’m taking the Inspired Illustration series back to its whimsical roots. Marc Johns is the kind of artist who brings simple line drawings to life. I’ve been following his journey for several years now, and can say that the silly and honest moments his illustrations capture have never waned. His pen and watercolor combinations create a refreshing experience, and his tongue-in-cheek captions bring his own personality to the page too. I’m including a collection of some of my favorites below, but to get more Marc in your life I’d recommend his blog and society6. Cheers to imagination!

marc johns illustration inspirationmarc johns illustration inspirationmarc johns illustration inspiration


I love how so many of his illustrations are direct appeals to the reader. Those are the ones that make me smile most.

marc johns inspirationmarc johns inspiration



Gift tip: Send a print of one of these empowering and motivational illustrations to a friend. It’s guaranteed to make their day.

I hope you love Marc’s style as much as I do. What artists have inspired you lately?





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