Take me to: Wes Anderson’s Bar Luce

May 8, 2015

To those who know me, Wes Anderson is the end all, be all. His attention to detail, creativity, and sheer unfiltered imagination contain the elements I admire most in art and its many forms. Wes’ trick, however, is to take these systemic elements of creativity and take it to a place of magic. Naturally, when I found out that he was designing a very real bar in Milan, Italy, I had to see + hear more.

Prada’s art and film center in Milan has recently been expanded and become open to the public, and in that expansion, they asked Wes to come aboard and design a bar. Wes decided to elevate the idea of a typical Milanese cafe to one from the fifties (is anyone surprised?) and once I saw some pictures, there was no denying who was behind it all.

wes anderson, bar luce

bar luce, italy

wes anderson bar luce

wes anderson bar luce

The colors, pink and green and teal–pastel and neon alike–are an homage to his films and are exactly what I would hope for and expect at Wes Anderson’s Bar. I mean, Bar Luce. And it’s undeniable how the formica furniture, wood paneling and floor bring back an amazing time in Italian aesthetics. Italy has been on my list, but it looks like now I’ll have to make a special stop in Milan. If anyone goes there first, bring back a sugar packet?



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