Writing Challenge for the Weekend

April 25, 2015

writing challenge, richmond va


This weekend is so close, I can taste it. And not only that, but I have no plans for the next two days. None. Which leaves me feeling optimistic about how creatively productive I can be. I figured it was high time I shared a new writing prompt, and decided to try something a little different this time. This weekend, I dare you to try writing a scene (or story), with one requirement: Have the last line (of dialogue or narrative) be:


But hey, at least you meant it.


My reason for creating this writing challenge:
1) If you do it, you’ve just written something complete. A moment or a story— either way, be proud. You (will have) made this.
2) Something about this line excites me. I think it’s because, whether or not it’s expressed sincerely or snarkily, it’s about a person’s intention. It’s about caring, and investing. Being true to someone or something. Or not. And honestly, that’s everything.
Have at it, my friends! I hope it leads to something great.




This photo was taken in Richmond, VA.

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